Digital Brands Inc.
Our Team

Operations Team

Toby Sembower

Chief Executive Officer

Toby has successfully built and marketed consumer comparison sites since 2003, bringing a rich background in SEO, SEM and brand-building to the company. He is the original founder of Digital Brands and actively manages the company's site-build, marketing and content strategies.

Danielle Spurlin

Operations Manager

With a professional background in accounting and finance, Danielle loves the many facets of her role, including banking, insurance, human resources, and bookkeeping. When she isn’t here at the office, you can most likely find her in the gym or out somewhere cheering on the Gators.

Technology Team

Ryan S. Frankel

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan is in love with all things tech. His background in engineering stretches from military high-density low-power integrated circuits to software product and web development. Ryan's duties at Digital Brands include leading our development and design teams.

PJ Fancher

Senior Web Developer

PJ has brought his extensive knowledge of all things Web Development to the dev team. When he's not coding or styling all our sites, you can find him playing with his band, The Careeners, organizing The Fest or walking his dog, Arlo.

Kent Stephan

Creative Director

Kent is all about quality design. Being an Apple enthusiast and historical architecture buff, Kent’s many interests and talents translate into his skillful front-end design work here at Digital Brands, including point-perfect logos, layouts and vector graphics.

Roberto Sanchez

Web Developer

In addition to resident casual gamer, office chair volleyball connoiseur, and Gator Baseball expert, Roberto is also on the web development team at Digital Brands. When he’s not knee-deep in code, he’s indulging a wide range of interests from science and tech to sports and video games.

Content Team

Hayley Mathis

Lifestyle Editor

Hayley’s background in journalism provides her with a versatile skill set: writing, editing, multimedia production, and website management. She manages everything related to content for one of the company's largest sites,

Ashley Dull

Finance Editor

Ashley graduated with a degree in multimedia journalism from Florida Atlantic University. She has experience in advertising and sports reporting, and is now our finance editor. Outside the office, Ashley loves to cook, hang out with her dogs and manage her fantasy football team. Go Lions!

Lauren Keys

Retail Editor

Lauren has returned to her writing roots as Digital Brand's contributing editor. A UF's J-School alum, Lauren has experience in content creation, marketing, and design. Outside the office she can be found geeking out over Star Trek, desserts, fitness, and cute things on the web (in that order).

Levi Horowitz

SEM Associate

An Internet jack-of-all-trades, Levi has done a little bit of everything on the Web. Levi has joined our team to continue the rapid growth of our authority sites and leverage our best-in-class content. When not monetizing the Internet, Levi can be found riding bikes or racing RC cars.

Amber Brooks

Contributing Editor

Amber has her Master’s degree in political campaigning, but in her heart she remains a bookish English major who never tires of writing content. As an absurd word nerd, her free time is spent either reading a good story or writing one of her own.

Lillian Guevara-Castro

Contributing Editor

Lillian applies her background in journalism to edit content across all verticals. She brings her experience in newspapers and higher ed to the gratifying work of taking articles to their next level. Her downtime is spent reading and watching British detective shows on Netflix.

Brittney Mayer

Contributing Editor

Brittney is a science and technology enthusiast who puts her research background to good use in her role as a Contributing Editor. She enjoys going on new adventures and finding activities that provide unique mental and physical challenges.

Adam West

Contributing Editor

With more than a decade of experience in newspapers, Adam brings a keen sense of storytelling to his role as a writer and editor at Digital Brands. When he's not creating compelling content, he is assuring people that he's heard of the 1960s actor who played Batman.

Jon McDonald

Contributing Editor

With over 15 years of experience in the journalism industry, Jon loves writing or editing anything he can get his hands on. When not interacting with the written word, Jon can be found watching various sporting events or cooking with his family.

Sean Garrity

Contributing Editor

With a diverse background in education, journalism, and marketing, Sean lends his skills to our team as contributing editor. When he’s taking a break from writing, Sean’s most likely daydreaming about food and travel. He also enjoys skateboarding and fishing, but not necessarily at the same time.

Jena Bezesky

Content Coordinator

Jena applies her writing and marketing skills to drive content strategy at Digital Brands. Both an analyst and a creative, she has dabbled in a variety of industries including tech, fashion and advertising. In her free time, Jena can be found reading a classic novel or browsing street-style blogs.