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We build, own, and operate market-leading web properties that serve consumer needs in large verticals such as retail, lifestyle, finance, and others.

We imagine a superior user experience, then build it.

Our sites quickly become trusted authorities on their respective topics by connecting users with free advice and guides authored by leading experts.

We identify leading experts, then give them a platform.

Our sites attract and engage with millions of Internet users every month via a variety of popular search, display, and social media platforms.

We attract target audiences, then engage and interact.

We don’t just build websites; we build brands. From concept to creation, we focus on creating a unique, branded experience for users and partners alike.

We think “brand” first, then build vertical leaders.

Our Brands

Digital Brands is a fast-growing developer of high-traffic websites in competitive online verticals. Learn more about each of our market-leading brands below.


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This Month at Digital Brands

January 2019
Toby Sembower

Toby Sembower, Chief Executive Officer

What I'm Working On: December promises to be a busy month for us. In preparation for our extended holiday break, we'll be attempting to cram a month's worth of accomplishments into three weeks. We'll be pushing major updates on our sites, publishing dozens of new features and guides, and forging ahead on our external promotional efforts.

Ryan S. Frankel

Ryan S. Frankel, Chief Technology Officer

What I'm Working On: We have some major goals to accomplish as we prepare to head into the holidays. The development team is working on launching some new pages on our sites with a focus on authority and expertise, while the content team is trying some new forms of articles to expand our coverage of our verticals.

Danielle Spurlin

Danielle Spurlin, Operations Manager

What I'm Working On: Happy Holidays! This year absolutely flew by, but we're working full speed ahead to close out 2018 with our strongest month yet. I plan to keep myself busy this December with daily revenue tracking, invoicing, accounts receivable monitoring, and payroll. I hope you all are getting excited for our annual holiday party!

Hayley Mathis

Hayley Mathis, Lifestyle Editor

What I'm Working On: I can't believe another year at DB is almost over. The DatingAdvice and DatingNews team has accomplished so much. We plan on ending 2018 strong and hitting the ground running in 2019. Readers have lots of great content to look forward to, including new article types!

PJ Fancher

PJ Fancher, Senior Web Developer

What I'm Working On: After a solid month off for paternity leave, I am now back in the office and ready to get back to work. This short month will find me adding new press, media, and about sections to all of our sites to help improve our authority presence. This task will likely spill over to the beginning of next year.

Kent Stephan

Kent Stephan, Creative Director

What I'm Working On: For December, I'll be continuing the same major design projects from last month. I'll be finishing up work on the addition of many new web pages for our finance sites. I'll also be focusing on wrapping up the designs for our annual holiday party, which includes posters, menus, and other print collateral.

Ashley Dull

Ashley Dull, Media Relations Coordinator

What I'm Working On: I’m still busy adapting to my new role in media relations, researching industry trends across tech, dating, and finance, as well as learning new platforms and how to best leverage them for our brands. I’m looking forward to finishing the year strong and having big projects lined up for 2019!

Sean Garrity

Sean Garrity, Technology Editor

What I'm Working On: It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you’re looking for web hosting! We’re gearing up for the holiday season at HostingAdvice and aim to deliver the goods on the companies and cutting-edge tech that can help make our readers’ professional lives easier.

Roberto Sanchez

Roberto Sanchez, Web Developer

What I'm Working On: We're wrapping up another great year at DigitalBrands, and the dev team will work on setting our sites up for success over the winter break to start 2019 strong. We will continue tweaking our sites to provide the best experience and improve our authority presence.

Adam West

Adam West, Finance Editor

What I'm Working On: Team Finance has already had a great year, but now it's time to close out 2018 in strong fashion. Readers of CardRates and BadCredit should stay tuned because we've got a ton of great content coming your way this month and in the months to come.

Lauren Keys

Lauren Keys, Communications Specialist

What I'm Working On: I can't believe it's already December! This year has flown by, and a lot has changed. The one constant, however, is how agile our team is when it comes to new projects while keeping up with best practices. We're not slowing down, and the future looks bright!

Levi Horowitz

Levi Horowitz, Marketing Specialist

What I'm Working On: December and the holidays are here, and it always means an increase in visitors to all of our sites. This month, my focus will be on finding the most useful topics to our readers. Additionally, I look forward to reflecting on the topics and strategies of 2018 that worked and carrying those into 2019.

Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: The holiday season is a joyful time for those of us on the DatingAdvice team. We'll be merrily cranking out advice articles to help singles find someone to snuggle up with under the mistletoe or to kiss on New Year's Eve. We've also lined up some informative DatingNews articles to reflect on the dating trends of 2018.

Lillian Guevara-Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: At DigitalBrands, our content and development staff work hard to end the year with a look at what’s ahead in the verticals we cover. We talk to the trend-spotters in technology, finance, and lifestyle to give our readers a head start on planning their personal and business lives. Get ready for a great year with us.

Brittney Mayer

Brittney Mayer, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: It's been a busy fall for CardRates and BadCredit, but as the season starts to wind down, the finance team remains focused on producing a steady stream of great content aimed at helping our readers make smarter, better informed financial decisions.

Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: I’ll be working with our team of talented freelancers to wrap up lots of informative content before the holiday break. We plan to close out 2018 by delivering as many compelling features as possible across all of our sites — lifestyle, finance, and tech.

Matt Walker

Matt Walker, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: It’s hard to believe December is already here and 2018 is winding down! But we’re still working hard here at DigitalBrands on the great content we have lined up to keep our readers on top of the latest financial news and on the right financial track this holiday season.

Christine Preusler

Christine Preusler, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: Cyber Monday has come and gone, but retailers remain in the midst of a robust online shopping season. As the year draws to a close, we'll continue to serve as thought leaders for our readers hosting everything from eCommerce sites to blogs. Stay tuned for even more information on the intricacies of web hosting!


Each of our company’s websites and apps are built with one purpose in mind: to become the leading, authoritative resource in a vertical. If your company would benefit by associating with a vertical-leading brand, contact us today to learn about advertising and other partnership opportunities with Digital Brands.

Our Charities

No matter our starting point in life, one thing we all agree on is how profoundly the people and culture of Gainesville have influenced us all. Learn about the incredible charities that Digital Brands supports as our way of saying 'thanks' to this great city we're proud to call home.

Our Culture

Digital Brands is a workplace like no other. Combine the area's coolest tech office, diverse team members and a drive to make the best websites in the market and you'll get Digital Brands' unique work culture. From weekly challenges that involve spiking beach balls in office chairs to great perks like sharing in the financial success of the company, we're smitten with our own one-of-a-kind work style.