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We build, own, and operate market-leading web properties that serve consumer needs in large verticals such as retail, lifestyle, finance, and others.

We imagine a superior user experience, then build it.

Our sites quickly become trusted authorities on their respective topics by connecting users with free advice and guides authored by leading experts.

We identify leading experts, then give them a platform.

Our sites attract and engage with millions of Internet users every month via a variety of popular search, display, and social media platforms.

We attract target audiences, then engage and interact.

We don’t just build websites; we build brands. From concept to creation, we focus on creating a unique, branded experience for users and partners alike.

We think “brand” first, then build vertical leaders.

Our Brands

Digital Brands is a fast-growing developer of high-traffic websites in competitive online verticals. Learn more about each of our market-leading brands below.


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This Month at Digital Brands

November 2018
Toby Sembower

Toby Sembower, Chief Executive Officer

What I'm Working On: In November we'll continue work on the things that make us great, including producing quality content and implementing new designs and features across all of our web properties. Additionally, this month we'll begin work to better leverage PR and other promotional strategies to further grow the reach of our brands.

Ryan S. Frankel

Ryan S. Frankel, Chief Technology Officer

What I'm Working On: We are hard at work on a new suite of tools as well as some redesigns of our desktop, tablet, and mobile sites. Later this month we will be coding new pages and features to the sites. On the content side, we are introducing new article types and more in-depth writing to further our goal of the best content on the web.

Danielle Spurlin

Danielle Spurlin, Operations Manager

What I'm Working On: Hello, November! Aside from hoping for some cooler weather to breeze on in, I'll stay busy this month keeping track of the monthly receivables, running payroll, and keeping our accounting records accurate and current. I'm also very excited to be working hard on the planning of our annual holiday party. Details coming soon!

Hayley Mathis

Hayley Mathis, Lifestyle Editor

What I'm Working On: November is going to be an exciting month for the and team! We have some new types of content coming out, and we're continuing to cover the industry from every angle that we can. Stay tuned for advice articles, how-to guides, reviews, studies, best-of lists, profiles, and features.

PJ Fancher

PJ Fancher, Senior Web Developer

What I'm Working On: The beginning of the month will see me doing heavy updates to all our sites' Press, Media, and About pages. I will be continuing to work on some useful tools to help all our sites' performance. As always, fixing little bugs and issues as they appear to keep everything running smoothly as possible.

Kent Stephan

Kent Stephan, Creative Director

What I'm Working On: I'll have my hands full this month as I make progress on two large design projects. I'll be working on creating a number of new pages for all of our sites. I'll also be working on designs for next month's holiday party. It's going to be our biggest party yet! Lastly, I'll be supporting the content team with article images.

Ashley Dull

Ashley Dull, Finance Editor

What I'm Working On: Jena and I have worked hard to bring our first full listicle to life and are readily working on our next few to help bring “best-of” lists to all our verticals. From degree programs and romantic getaways to areas with favorable economic conditions, we’ll be knee-deep in data for the foreseeable future.

Lauren Keys

Lauren Keys, Retail Editor

What I'm Working On: Brand research and outreach coordination has been my focus for Q4. It's been exciting to get to work within each of our brands a little more to build awareness and find new ways to showcase the people and businesses making an impact in their respective industries.

Roberto Sanchez

Roberto Sanchez, Web Developer

What I'm Working On: The Dev Team is wrapping up mobile and tablet updates to our sites in preparation for our Thanksgiving break. Since the mobile-first index went live on Google, we want to make sure our sites are ready. I will be working on and to set them up right for the busiest time of the year.

Levi Horowitz

Levi Horowitz, SEM Associate

What I'm Working On: We pride ourselves on being the authority in all verticals we serve, and we’ve never had a group of industry experts as deep as we do now. This month I’ll be 100% focused on finding the most relevant and appealing article topics for our sites’ audiences and handing them off to our experts for production.

Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: This November, I'm thankful to be working alongside such an awesome team as we up our content game and aim to become more authoritative, insightful, and entertaining experts on the web. I've got some buzzworthy topics in the works right now, and I'm excited to get writing about them.

Lillian Guevara-Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: Fall tends to creep up on us until Daylight Savings time ends, and the long summer evenings abruptly turn dark. While every day is a call to excellence at Digital Brands, the last quarter of the year reminds us, above all else, to remain relevant to our audience in all we do. Stay tuned.

Brittney Mayer

Brittney Mayer, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: We'll be taking a look at a variety of new and interesting companies in finance this month, as we share more products, guides, and resources designed to help all of our and readers make better, more informed financial decisions.

Adam West

Adam West, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: As we move into November, I'm looking forward to continuing to speak with the movers and shakers in the financial services industry to provide our readers with the stories and information behind products and services that are impacting the space.

Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: As Thanksgiving draws near, I continue to work with our talented team of freelancers to produce quality articles for our lifestyle, tech, and finance sites. Editing content on a wide range of topics is challenging, but it's a great way to learn about so many companies that are making an impact.

Sean Garrity

Sean Garrity, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: November means it’s time to give thanks! At, I’m grateful for our talented team of writers, developers, and content strategists. We’ll be working hard all month long to deliver the scoop on the latest technologies to help businesses broadcast their messages to the masses.

Jena Bezesky

Jena Bezesky, Content Coordinator

What I'm Working On: I'm excited to get back in touch with my PR background thanks to a recent shift in strategy here at Digital Brands. For the rest of Q4, I'll be working hard with Ashley and our verticals to create insightful content guides that are sure to grow the reach of our brands. Stay tuned!


Each of our company’s websites and apps are built with one purpose in mind: to become the leading, authoritative resource in a vertical. If your company would benefit by associating with a vertical-leading brand, contact us today to learn about advertising and other partnership opportunities with Digital Brands.

Our Charities

No matter our starting point in life, one thing we all agree on is how profoundly the people and culture of Gainesville have influenced us all. Learn about the incredible charities that Digital Brands supports as our way of saying 'thanks' to this great city we're proud to call home.

Our Culture

Digital Brands is a workplace like no other. Combine the area's coolest tech office, diverse team members and a drive to make the best websites in the market and you'll get Digital Brands' unique work culture. From weekly challenges that involve spiking beach balls in office chairs to great perks like sharing in the financial success of the company, we're smitten with our own one-of-a-kind work style.