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The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards

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Launched by Digital Brands in May 2014, informs and educates thousands of Americans who simply want to know how to use credit cards more responsibly. provides helpful advice from around the world. It also features a variety of credit card offers hand-picked by the site’s editorial staff.

The finance experts at strive to share valuable, well-researched advice, news and reviews with visitors daily. The site helps visitors become more knowledgeable in the world of credit cards by providing:

  • Daily finance advice written by the web’s top finance experts
  • Insider tips, tricks and secrets from those inside the credit card industry
  • The latest credit card news covering a variety of finance topics
  • Original studies uncovering financial and money-spending trends
  • Reviews of the top credit card offers as rated by our experts

As “The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards,” not only does the site provide advice, news and studies, but also thoroughly rates, ranks and reviews various credit card offers based on the following:

  • APR (annual percentage rate)
  • Interest rates on purchases and balance transfers
  • Annual Fee
  • Credit Level
  • Rewards availability (air miles, cash back, points & gifts)
  • And other various measures

In addition to ranking the credit cards on a number of criteria,’s writers also offer tips to help you choose the best credit card for your needs.

The world of credit cards can be difficult to navigate, with many pitfalls and untrustworthy sources everywhere you turn. aims to consistently provide the most trusted information on the web and truly live up to the moniker of “The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards.”