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We build, own, and operate market-leading web properties that serve consumer needs in large verticals such as retail, lifestyle, finance, and others.

We imagine a superior user experience, then build it.

Our sites quickly become trusted authorities on their respective topics by connecting users with free advice and guides authored by leading experts.

We identify leading experts, then give them a platform.

Our sites attract and engage with millions of Internet users every month via a variety of popular search, display, and social media platforms.

We attract target audiences, then engage and interact.

We don’t just build websites; we build brands. From concept to creation, we focus on creating a unique, branded experience for users and partners alike.

We think “brand” first, then build vertical leaders.

Our Brands

Digital Brands is a fast-growing developer of high-traffic websites in competitive online verticals. Learn more about each of our market-leading brands below.


We are always seeking talented, passionate individuals to join our growing team of developers, bloggers and marketers. Want to join our team? See below for our latest job openings.

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This Week at Digital Brands

Toby Sembower

Toby Sembower, Chief Executive Officer

What I'm Working On: We have a special opportunity at Digital Brands to impact the millions of people who visit our sites with engaging, helpful content. This week we'll be focusing on making this content an A+ in the minds of our users in order to better serve and engage them across a variety of subject matters.

Ryan S. Frankel

Ryan S. Frankel, Chief Technology Officer

What I'm Working On: Today the HostingAdvice.com team will be heading out to HostingCon. We are in preparation to meet and interview some of the biggest names in the hosting industry about their products and technology. In addition, we will be continuing our work on some internal tools and a new site that should be launching soon.

Anne Chumley

Anne Chumley, Operations Manager

What I'm Working On: This week at Digital Brands, it will be busy as I work on payroll, taxes, reporting, close out another month, and start preparations for a new month's reporting. I will also continue my weekly check for the best coupons for CouponsDaily.com and Printaholic.com. Have a great week everyone!

Hayley Mathis

Hayley Mathis, Director of Content

What I'm Working On: The entire Digital Brands team strives for perfection with everything we do, whether it's designing beautiful webpages, coding out user-friendly websites or writing helpful and entertaining content. This week I'll continue helping our editors complete their ongoing projects while completing several projects of my own.

PJ Fancher

PJ Fancher, Senior Web Developer

What I'm Working On: I will be attending HostingCon in San Diego with Ryan and Ali all this week. We have scheduled meetings with some of the top hosting companies in the industry to build some new partner relationships. It is shaping up to be a busy and productive week for HostingAdvice.com on the West Coast.

Kent Stephan

Kent Stephan, Creative Director

What I'm Working On: I'll be working on creating graphics that highlight partnerships with DatingAdvice.com and other dating sites in the industry. I'll also work on adding a few things to our corporate site. Lastly, I'll be designing graphics for all of our helpful guides and content on our various sites.

Roberto Sanchez

Roberto Sanchez, Web Developer

What I'm Working On: After a short week last week, I will be holding down the fort while the dev team is out at HostingCon. I will continue working on tweaks and fixes for DatingAdvice and CouponsDaily, and I will be assisting our content team with any tweaks they need to get their jobs done.

Levi Horowitz

Levi Horowitz, SEM Associate

What I'm Working On: We're always looking to add new traffic and sources, so this week I’ll be launching some new campaigns and new merchants on CouponsDaily.com. In addition to that, I’ll continue the hunt to find some excellent feature targets for our awesome content team, as well as keeping our link profiles squeaky clean.

Lindsey Carman

Lindsey Carman, Vertical Manager

What I'm Working On: Revamping our content strategy is our main focus this week at Digital Brands. We're always looking for ways to create the best articles, guides, and how-to articles on CouponsDaily.com and Printaholic.com. Expect great new content within the coming weeks!

Alexandra Leslie

Alexandra Leslie, Tech Editor

What I'm Working On: HostingCon, here we come!! Ryan, PJ, and I are headed to sunny San Diego to meet and catch up with the real movers and shakers in the web hosting and cloud industries. Will we see you there? If so, we'd love to chat. If not, be sure to follow the HostingAdvice Team's HostingCon experience on Twitter!

Ashley Dull

Ashley Dull, Finance Editor

What I'm Working On: This week's primary focus for me is to reach out to as many new contacts as possible for BadCredit. The other part of the week, I will be focusing on CardRates, writing a guest blog and publishing a feature on edX.org that our team has spent a lot of time on making just right!

Logan Ladnyk

Logan Ladnyk, Editorial Assistant

What I'm Working On: After an incredible week last week, I'm going to be giving it my all to make this week just as great! I'll be transcribing some interviews, and in addition to that, I'll also be scouring the entire Internet for CouponsDaily's upcoming Ultimate Back-to-School Guide.


Each of our company’s websites and apps are built with one purpose in mind: to become the leading, authoritative resource in a vertical. If your company would benefit by associating with a vertical-leading brand, contact us today to learn about advertising and other partnership opportunities with Digital Brands.

Our Charities

No matter our starting point in life, one thing we all agree on is how profoundly the people and culture of Gainesville have influenced us all. Learn about the incredible charities that Digital Brands supports as our way of saying 'thanks' to this great city we're proud to call home.

Our Culture

Digital Brands is a workplace like no other. Combine the area's coolest tech office, diverse team members and a drive to make the best websites in the market and you'll get Digital Brands' unique work culture. From weekly challenges that involve spiking beach balls in office chairs to great perks like sharing in the financial success of the company, we're smitten with our own one-of-a-kind work style.