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We build, own, and operate market-leading web properties that serve consumer needs in large verticals such as retail, lifestyle, finance, and others.

We imagine a superior user experience, then build it.

Our sites quickly become trusted authorities on their respective topics by connecting users with free advice and guides authored by leading experts.

We identify leading experts, then give them a platform.

Our sites attract and engage with millions of Internet users every month via a variety of popular search, display, and social media platforms.

We attract target audiences, then engage and interact.

We don’t just build websites; we build brands. From concept to creation, we focus on creating a unique, branded experience for users and partners alike.

We think “brand” first, then build vertical leaders.

Our Brands

Digital Brands is a fast-growing developer of high-traffic websites in competitive online verticals. Learn more about each of our market-leading brands below.


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This Month at Digital Brands

March 2017
Toby Sembower

Toby Sembower, Chief Executive Officer

What I'm Working On: It's another busy month here at Digital Brands, as we'll be working to implement new processes to our editorial flow and launching new features on our websites. I'll also be working to bring new talent aboard and grow our editorial team over the coming weeks.

Ryan S. Frankel

Ryan S. Frankel, Chief Technology Officer

What I'm Working On: We are always focusing on expanding the feature set on our sites. This includes both user-facing additions as well as backend analytics, tools, and reports our team uses to decide what our users want. In addition, we constantly look at our processes and time management to make sure we are working on what is important.

Anne Chumley

Anne Chumley, Operations Manager

What I'm Working On: So far our quarterly numbers are at a high, and as we take on more affiliates, my daily reporting increases. Last month I caught a few tracking issues and removed fees, which brought in extra cash flow. I'm always on the lookout for more ways to be cost effective, in addition to payment tracking and account reconciliations.

Hayley Mathis

Hayley Mathis, Lifestyle Editor

What I'm Working On: March has only just begun, but the DatingAdvice team is already getting a lot done and doesn't intend to slow down anytime soon. We have numerous interviews on the slate and will continue to bring inspiring and informational stories to our readers.

PJ Fancher

PJ Fancher, Senior Web Developer

What I'm Working On: We will be adding some new offer features to I will be responsible for creating the data structure and implementing, coding, and styling all the new offer features throughout the site. I will also continue to look into solutions for redundancy in our reliance on S3 due to last week's outage.

Kent Stephan

Kent Stephan, Creative Director

What I'm Working On: I'll be working on a number of design projects this month, with my main focus on finishing new article formats for DealCrunch — designs that add even more categories and content to the site. I'll also be working on new dating app review pages for DatingAdvice. Lastly, I'll have a few smaller design tweaks and content images.

Alexandra Leslie

Alexandra Leslie, Tech Editor

What I'm Working On: The HostingAdvice team is juggling product demos and a queue of comprehensive tutorials on all things programming and web hosting. The really important update, however, is I hear there's a gluten-free cookie cake making its way to the office for someone's birthday on Wednesday. Cheers to an awesome week!

Ashley Dull

Ashley Dull, Finance Editor

What I'm Working On: I have a lot to do to prepare for my absence next week, so I’ll be working to fill the queue with interviews to keep Brittney busy as well as getting a lot of how-to guides through the editing process and scheduled for publication so we never miss a beat while I’m away.

Lauren Keys

Lauren Keys, Retail Editor

What I'm Working On: We've been working on bringing some more money-saving offers to, which means better and more relevant answers to our community visitors seeking the best deals. We'll continue scheduling out interviews every week with top influencers in retail so readers can stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry.

Roberto Sanchez

Roberto Sanchez, Web Developer

What I'm Working On: We'll be working on several projects this month, the biggest being new additions to DealCrunch so we can review a wider variety of deals. I will also work on bug fixes and tweaks across all our sites, improving the frontend experience and streamlining the backend.

Levi Horowitz

Levi Horowitz, SEM Associate

What I'm Working On: I’m excited to kick off this month with a training session on content strategy with one of our contributors. We are always looking to grow our content team. The more hands on deck the better. In addition, I’ll continue to turn out new things for our team to tackle next.

Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: We're certainly starting the month off strong at DatingAdvice, and we're not about to slow down in the coming weeks. In March, I'll continue to concentrate on diversifying our content by writing about dating resources for guitar players, wildlife enthusiasts, word nerds, and many other types of singles.

Laura Stamey

Laura Stamey, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: From free blogging tools to a library for free music downloads, our readers are in for some diverse content in the coming weeks. I'll be jumping between in-depth features and helpful how-tos, in addition to my usual slate of graphic design and inching along on my dev side project.

Lillian Guevara-Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: I’m starting the month out with a packed list of features and how-tos to edit. It is our mission to get ahead of the trends so our readers never miss a beat. My job is like being the first person inside an expansive and modern library reading the best content there is. Join our readership. You'll be glad you did.

Brittney Mayer

Brittney Mayer, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: Some major companies are on the docket for this month, including talking to some of the biggest names in the payments space. We'll also be sharing more great educational resources to help expand your personal finance knowledge as well as covering some important resources for accelerating your career.

Adam West

Adam West, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: The DealCrunch team is a true authority on all things retail, and it all starts with the conversations we're having with the companies that are pushing the industry forward. This month we'll continue with our goal of educating and entertaining our readers while covering the topics that matter most to retailers.

Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: There is no shortage of work to be done this month, as DealCrunch interviews continue to come in at a rapid pace. I look forward to writing about a company that has earned an award from us and, later in the month, talking with a workforce management business that you may be familiar with.

Sean Garrity

Sean Garrity, Contributing Editor

What I'm Working On: I look forward to another big month at Digital Brands. We’ll be keeping our freelance team busy by covering a wide range of topics across all our sites. The HostingAdvice team is sure to continue to churn out compelling feature stories, as we have numerous interviews lined up with experts in the tech space.


Each of our company’s websites and apps are built with one purpose in mind: to become the leading, authoritative resource in a vertical. If your company would benefit by associating with a vertical-leading brand, contact us today to learn about advertising and other partnership opportunities with Digital Brands.

Our Charities

No matter our starting point in life, one thing we all agree on is how profoundly the people and culture of Gainesville have influenced us all. Learn about the incredible charities that Digital Brands supports as our way of saying 'thanks' to this great city we're proud to call home.

Our Culture

Digital Brands is a workplace like no other. Combine the area's coolest tech office, diverse team members and a drive to make the best websites in the market and you'll get Digital Brands' unique work culture. From weekly challenges that involve spiking beach balls in office chairs to great perks like sharing in the financial success of the company, we're smitten with our own one-of-a-kind work style.