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April 2016
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All Things Retail. In Detail.

Visit Site », launched by Digital Brands in April 2016, is one of the web’s most comprehensive sites on all things retail. Featuring IndustryCrunch, an in-depth retail blog that covers the industry, a Community Q&A section, and over 600,000 deals from the web’s top stores — DealCrunch truly covers all things retail, in detail.’s unique, extremely detailed focus on the retail industry sets the site apart from many others in the market. IndustryCrunch is the only blog of its kind that highlights the retail industry's movers and shakers, up-and-coming startups, retail news, and more. The site’s expert team of editors, writers, and analysts interview a variety of industry players to share their story with the site’s readers.

In addition to the industry blog, is home to a variety of other helpful retail resources as well:

  • Community Q&A: This is an ever-growing collection of retail-related questions and answers that offer advice, tips, and how-to guides on the web’s most popular retailers.
  • Web’s Best Deals: DealCrunch follows thousands of key retailers to track and publish their top deals, refreshed and verified hourly by the site’s advanced algorithm.
  • Stores We Follow: In addition to the best deals, the site provides data on store popularity, deal strength, store information, descriptions, and FAQs.

From industry-centric news to consumer-friendly Q&As, strives to become the ultimate resource for all things retail. As the retail industry continuously grows and changes, will be sure to cover every aspect in detail.